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birthday falls on 30th May. he would have completed 85 years of good life .As mama and I were communicating and reminiscing,today morning wethought we are still wondering about him.

he was a complete Father. a good husband.patient thatha.Dutiful son to his parents and I know he was a fantastic understanding father-in-law too.

We should, atleast I know I should try and follow him in being sincere in all the efforts put in,trusting each and every individual's basic honesty and getting the most out of them .

. He was a topclass executive in his own way managing all kinds of persons coming either in his proffessional years or Personal life.Always maintaining cordial relationships ,never complaining,compassionate and forgiving.

Emulating Srirama in all his deeds .He always evoked a sense of well being and Happiness in me and ofcourse in all of us.These words are not enough as an eulogy to my father.will write about him again.App a we all love and remember you.

Ammavoda santhoshamaa IRUPPEERKAL. enruthaan nambukiren. some few words about thatha in our life.;APPA bought us our very first Radio Resa in 1957.I may be wrong in the year,but since there is only mama to dispute this,and I know he would not think of doing that,(dhairyamaa ) --I can say this.
Appa went to Madhurai one day and we waited I, mamas and Paatti for his return.It was a long wait. after sunset and long past after our dinner time,I could not remain inside and came to the small gate to the street in our Thirumangalam house .
And waited there. roadlights were few in those days.and only a tall post will have small yellow bulb giving out litte golden light to the street.And I saw Thatha coming back in distance with another personfollowingcarrying something on his head.

My excitement knew no bounds and I was so happy and relieved to see Thatha coming back.the Radio was secondary.After thatha paid that porter 1 rupee for the help, we opened the brown package.There it was! the new shining radio! our family member, the new Reesa.Atonce I tried to tune in.Thatha asked us to go sleep and promised we can work on it together in the morning.the radio came with an ariel which should be strung on two poles on the terrace of the house.So we went to sleep on that saturday night sleeping very close to the new presence and inhaling the very woodsy, very new radio smell.

The radio had two bandwiths, one medium and one short wave. My only wish was to ,locate Radio Ceylon.Thatha will listen to Thamizh News from Delhi and Thiruchi vaanoli Nilayam on exactly 7.10am and 7.15pm. and the 9 o' clock english news."Vaasippathu Poornam Viswanathan,Panchapakesan,and later Saroj Narayanswami".The english news was read by Melville Demello.

Our Day to day news good and bad, exciting and dull all came from this wonder called radio.On every morning the programme meant for fareastern countries like Indonesia,Malaya,Burma and Philippines came on air.I used to listen all of those 45 minutes.

Those were the days of non commercial airtimes.Paatti was always listening to good carnatic music and one Maadhar nighazhchi in the after noon.I guess this reflects all the middle class families story in the 50s.
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ஞாயிறு, டிசம்பர் 17, 2006

The Unsung Heroes and Heroines

Thinking and reminiscing is happening here to me in Chicago
more than what used to be the case,
compared to our Chennai life.

It cannot be true if I say it's because I have more time to sit around?
No way.
I have not been this busy since the children's school and college days.

Then it used to be a whirl of
people visiting,kids,playing ,homework,school visits
and shopping.

And of course visiting elders as and and when I(I)
needed to visit them. When I needed their comforting arms,
consoling words.
And when they were too ill and were becoming aged,
I was afraid my world was not secure anymore.

Tried to ignore the facts staring at me.
They were the stars,guiding all the time.

They were my grandfather,grandmother,
parents,uncles and aunts.
How do you pay back all the attentions,
care spent on you unconditionally?
There is one proverb.

''Affection always flows down.''
It never looks up.

I found a new way.
To make for the loss of appreciation
I should have showered upon our elders,

I just started calling upon the existing old people.
First came my immediate relatives.
I never knew one or two words or a single action of going to that extra
can make their lives that more
Then came the parents of friends.
My life took on a special meaning to my own
day to day activities.

All these could be achieved,
with the help of a book I happened upon.

It was a biographical novel about Srimathi.Savithiri Vaithi.
founder of Monday Charity Club,
And Vishranthi--- The home for the Aged and Helpless.

If anyone can inspire so many people
towards good deed and make the housewives
feel more proud of themselves
by helping others ,
the credit goes to this simple lady.
Hope I can achieve the same serenity I see in her eyes,

After all I HAVE come around ,
and the time has come of being a senior
citizen myself.,
and the days of wanting to communicate more,
and spend life with more precious thoughts
and actions.