வெள்ளி, அக்டோபர் 27, 2006


It is hard to feel unhappy when you are among flowers
and children.

Somehow music soothes the soul
whichever mood you are in.
either it can make you more happy
and depending upon
whom you associate those songs with and

what they mean to you can make you cry too.

when I hear religious music, bajans that are sung in light rhythm and tone I feel secure.
It should be the same with everyone.

Early morning thoughts, prayers that include
your friends and foes alike
can make you more positive towards them.

I read long back, when someone has really done you some harm,
the Best way is to pray for them sincerely.

You can hate the ways of that friend or person.
But should pray for them sincerely and give up the resentment.

I know it is tough to pray for someone who has wronged you.
But atleast taking the bitter
resentment out ,,
will purify your system.
And make us more of a complete person.

Only when you hold on to the resentment it can eat into you soul.

I thank the person who decided to share his thoughts this way. And I am posting here these lines,
so atleast one or two people can benefit.

with best wishes for a beautiful peaceful world.