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Appa,30th May 1921---3rd february 1996 An effort to tell...

Our dearest APPA ,A wonderful humanbeing's birthday falls on 30th May. he would have completed 85 years of good life .As mama and I were communicating and reminiscing,
today morning we
thought we are still wondering about him.
he was a complete Father. a good husband.
patient thatha.
Dutiful son to his parents and I know he was a fantastic understanding father-in-law too.
We should, atleast I know I should try and follow him in being sincere in all the efforts put in,
trusting each and every individual's basic honesty and getting the most out of them .
. He was a topclass executive in his own way managing all kinds of persons coming either in his proffessional years or Personal life.
Always maintaining cordial relationships ,never complaining,compassionate and forgiving. Emulating Srirama in all his deeds .
He always evoked a sense of well being and Happiness in me and ofcourse in all of us.
These words are not enough as an eulogy to my father.will write about him again.App a we all love and remember you. Ammavoda santhoshamaa IRUPPEERKAL. enruthaan nambukiren. some few words about thatha in our life.;

APPA bought us our very first Radio Resa in 1957.
I may be wrong in the year,but since there is only mama to dispute this,and I know he would not think of doing that,(dhairyamaa ) --I can say this.THatha went to Madhurai one day and we waited I, mamas and Paatti for his return.It was a long wait. after sunset and long past after our dinner time,I could not remain inside and came to the small gate to the street in our Thirumangalam house .
And waited there. roadlights were few in those days.and only a tall post will have small yellow bulb giving out litte golden light to the street.

And I saw Thatha coming back in distance with another person
carrying something on his head.
My excitement knew no bounds and I was so happy and relieved to see Thatha coming back.
the Radio was secondary.After thatha paid that porter 1 rupee for the help, we opened the brown package.
There it was! the new shining radio! our family member, the new Reesa.Atonce I tried to tune in.
Thatha asked us to go sleep and promised we can work on it together in the morning.

the radio came with an ariel which should be strung on two poles on the terrace of the house.So we went to sleep on that saturday night sleeping very close to the new presence and inhaling the very woodsy, very new radio smell. The radio had two bandwiths, one medium and one short wave. My only wish was to ,locate Radio Ceylon.

Thatha will listen to Thamizh News from Delhi and Thiruchi vaanoli Nilayam on exactly 7.10am and 7.15pm. and the 9 o' clock english news.

"Vaasippathu Poornam Viswanathan,Panchapakesan,and later Saroj Narayanswami".The english news was read by Melville Demello.

Our Day to day news good and bad, exciting and dull all came from this wonder called radio.On every morning the programme meant for fareastern countries like Indonesia,Malaya,Burma and Philippines came on air.I used to listen all of those 45 minutes.

Those were the days of non commercial airtimes.Paatti was always listening to good carnatic music and one Maadhar nighazhchi in the after noon.
I guess this reflects
all the middle class families story in the 50s.

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A lily pond is probably the first drawing a kid is taught in school ,
apart from usual sun, moon and stars.
but this picture has stayed with me all my life along with a fish or two thrown in,.
you usually stumble upon a little kulam through your car window as you speed along the highway.
It never stops to amaze me with its simple beauty In years goneby the temple tanks would be filled with lotus flowers. the one and only tank I saw was the time we went to thirumogur temple near Madurai. we could not see the water for the flowers. and it brought so much peace and tranquility to just to be there.
Talking abt tanks(with water)THIRuVARUR Kamalalayam, Thirukkannapuram tank.: they never run out of their water ,to my knowledge.We had our Thaipoosam float festival in all our city tanks ,thanks to the rains of september and october and november and december 2005.Hope we will be blessed with the proper amount of rain this year too.

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The Beach

As recalled earlier the beach seems to attract everyone. all the time.The first sight of the blue gigantic water spread stops me and makes me take a good deep breath always.
I think Humanrace as such has an affinity towards water,.because of the basic reason our species originated from there;that is why we feel this strange attraction., a compulsion to go near.Our chennai is blessed with such a long one.And we were introduced this exciting place by our uncles. A sure place during summer vacation.Ramaswamy mama is a complete walking encyclopedia we know. He is such a knowledgeable person,that I think he never stops learning,storing information and data.He has a diary full of dates regarding our birth details and each and everything that happened during each year.A humble person with such capacity for remembering and reproducing at a snap, he could have become a research scholar. He was the one to take us to museums,circuses,cinemas and dramas and ofcourse to the houses of relatives.our associations with the sea never broke for more than 10 months.
thatha was posted in Rameswaram. Ranga mama ,my dearest brother was the last one to be left with amma and appa and took care of all the household works,he finished his schooling and they moved over to Karaikudi.Mama used to take all the VIPS who came to rameswaram around the temples and theerthams.lastly we were the ones that went with him and it was and is a memorable one.After Rameswaram ,acharapakkam and then it was Kalpakkam and we were allotted a house by the beach.we went there as often as possible.Some of our best years were spent there.Thatha and Paatti were more relaxed.The sea has that effect on everyone.
Ranga mama used to cycle to his work place.Murali mama used that beach to jog for a long time.Paatti will just sit at the window and look at the sea and its changing colours. the water will have a grey colour and change to green in the noon.after 2pm the deepest blue will be all over the water with silver surf playing over and coming to the shore.around the evening for sometimes the sea will be grey to view if the sky is overcast with dark clouds.When the cool breeze starts blowing, all the world feel it with happiness and joy.
Walking for fitness at the beach front is a total experience by itself.the same feeling of peace and health, same as the "kaatrru"when you come across the gentle wind and saaral from Kutralam in June and July.
This wind is named thendral because it flows from south ,
then dhisai.

thendral. from Podhikai Hills.A good time to travel to Madurai and surrounding areas of SouthIndia.
theMarina nowadays is more crowded with flower vendors, fortune tellers,riding horses.One thing unchanged is the sea.
One permanent saranalayam in the whole world..
Now nearing our 60s we enjoy the beach more for its never ending liveliness.children play,skate ,fly kites. and what not and just enjoy being there.
eminent personalities mingle with others without any prejudice and when I see all these I wish it should be the same all over the world.no difference,no enmity.just friends and harmony.

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Paatti's skills of managing us

Paatti used tokeep accounts in a notebook during our schooldays.She used to record all the daily expenses. it always used to attract me in its neat,small leeters. and she will ask me to put in the flower selavu. 100 mallippoo 10paisa. each day she will buy flowwers with out fail and give it to me as soon as I came back from playing. and to secure it in a wetcloth for the school the next day morning.MURALI mama never asked for anything. Ranga mama will always be asking for 10 paise during early days and then progressed to 25 paisa during our pasumalai days. usually it will be for mixer pottalam or kadalai mittai.murali mama and I will share it with him.ranga mama was bold in asking for things while I and murali mama gouravam paarppom.Thatha's salary then was 150rs.paatti's notebook page will start with a notring, Perumaal---1 rupaa,then proceed half moottai arisi 15rs. we were good consumers of everything Paatti provided. all 3 of us had 2 sets of uniforms. our school were christian missionaries run. they had a peculiar system of closing down on thursday and sundays.so I will be praying for some sort of miracle to happen on friday so we can have continous 3 days of freedom.Paatti and thatha were such peaceful people that days of remainig inside the house ,playing,reading or going to a rare movie made those days fun.study holidays were of something more serious.days will start by 5am. all 3 of wake up and and wash and will start to study. the day will be planned with 2, 3 breaks of lunch, coffee. to me 2 hours of study shd be rewarded with 30 minutes of radio and anandha vikatan or some other book.Rangan will run outside. murali mama will never leave the place. he would have done atleast 2 or 3 revisions of every subject.Paatti or thatha never made us account each day. they totally trusted our judgement.paatti's cooking was way beyond description. a simple paruppu thugayal and jeeraga rasam and appalam kaaichinathu will make our night dinners memorable.evening tiffins would have be idly,dosai or karaicha dosai. uppuma was not welcome. but it has to appaear in the leaner periods. sunday and saturday will be omapodi or thenkuzhal days.as i am getting hungry right now, we will meet anotherday.

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Of Movies,Pictures and Happiness

Parasakthi was the first movie I went with my neighbour in Srivilliputhur. a middleaged lady ,Ammani. she had nobody to go with to the movies and I was being taken away from the house, justso my mother can look after the younger one.murali mama. he was just 2.I remember the songs of that movie so clearly.Ammani later told Paatti about the weeping session of her daughter(me) during the heroine's struggles and finally I think we had to leave the theater (cinema kottaai). without seeing end.Thatha used to love movies.He will describe all the movies he had gone to ,with lively narration.Movies will take a backseat and the actors and the comedy and settings will be staged in front of our eyes.Paatti was seeing the movies as a fashion statements. she will be interested in the baby stars attires. she will ask the tailor to stitch special frocks for me and Bush shirts for both mamas.I remember almost all the maamis of srivilliputhur stopping to admire our dresses.It is not as if we shall go to al the movies released. According to thatha the movie should impart both enetertainment and message. One of the movies Thatha took us in THIRUMANGALAM was Veerapaandiya Kattabomman. Needless to say that Sivajiganesan was thatha's favourite hero.If Paatti wants to see a movie, and thatha was unable to come with us, he would ask us to go with some of the neighbours.If he feels that some movies are not worth our viewing,thats it !!we cannot go, how much ever we wanted to.I wonder now, whether it will be possible for parents to have so much say in their children's life.We could because Thatha was a person of character and he himself followed his own preachings and advices. The entertainments came in different packages.it maybe a long ride in the bus to pazhanganatham,or a trip to nearby Vaigai dam or going in a simple "kudhirai vandi" ride to Thiruvannamalai near srivilliputhur.Everything will be planned in advance, so things will move smoothly.I treasure these journeys ,just for the fact , they provide me with the complete picture of an honest, down to earth family.A mother and father showed the children ,that happiness was possible within a middle class budget.all it takes is an enthusiastic ,uncorrupted and caring mind.

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Ranga mama

Ranga mama practically worshipped sivaji ganesan in his (mama's)twenties. He will never miss any of sivaji's movies. He must have seen Gauravam atleast 3 times.As a teenager and then when he was in college, his main hobby was going to movies.
Fond of Jacky chan and James Bond.He loved the movies Thiruvilayadal,sivantha mann,thillana mohanambal,sumathi en sundari,and veetukku veedu. ,Ooty varai uravu and songs from all the movies.
He loved playing Banjoes and wanted to learn playing it.All the times he visited us he will switch on the record player and listen to Tequila and other instrumental music.He will recall Nagesh's acting prowess with such glee,the portrayal will make us laugh so much and enjoy the scenes more in the movies.

The artist in him wrote little kavithais in spite of his busy schedules.Arthur Hailey, Ian Fleming,Robert Ludlum,Alistair Mclean,Peter Benchely were some of the Authors he enjoyed reading.Later his thoughts were turned towards religion and Vaishnavism. His thhoughts were turning inward and self analysis.Ofcourse I did not take it seriously."If onlys " do come with you all through your life.He knew someone or other in every place.He was a complete charmer in getting things done.Never given to any kind of hanky panky, a strict disciplined officer, he was very wellknown for his efficiency in legal points and duty.His escapedes in his field of work brought him many acknowledgements
.Always a rescuer, a saviour(asaramattaan ) mama told me to call him anytime.and he will be here within 20 minutes. (naan Vanthuduven)The one promise he could not keep..When I kept on calling you on 14th of January 2004 you did not listen to me.and it was beyond you to do so.Ranga Bless you.
I did not think that you will surprise me ,shock me.nee thambiyaache.
eppadi intha maathiri panne? how can you do that to us? WE LOVE YOU.

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My connection and feelings towards Cheenimma(Paatti's mother) went beyond the usual grand mother- grand daughter affection and closeness. I think this was possible because of the circumstances and neccessities surrounding the children's ( us--3 )welfare.the 3 of us were born within a span of 6 years. and being the first born I was taken into the close warmth of Cheenimma when Murali mama was born. and subsequently Ranga mam's arrival delayed my going back to Srivilliputhur.Childhood ailments were easy to handle in Madras compared tothe little backward Srivilliputur.Paatti was down with stomach ulser and she was brought back to madras to be treated by wellknown physician called Dr. Achaarya. Inevitably I grew closer to Cheenimma . this bond lasted until the day I was married. she was there to help both Paatti and me whenever we needed her. A constant personal adviser in all our turning points, good and bad, a grand sweets, a sterling resort,a cinema theater all rolled into one. Cheenimma !thank you.

துளசி மாடம்

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One of the first mentioned ,in Sri mahavishnu's favourites thulasi leaves. HE mentiones a leaf,a drop of water,a small flower, a fruit.Thulasi was a favourite plant with Paatti.she will never forget to put kolam and apply kumkumam to thulasi chedi.she introduced me to Thulasi prayer which begins with " sriman thulasiamma".without parental guidance where will we be?when we listen and follow their words we never fail.All it needs is good trust in them. Just saying this prayer will make me more confident,fill the mind with positive thoughts and goodwill. repeating the words make you believe that the future,present and past are taken care by someone above and that Power will not let us down.Sri Thulasi is someone totally devoted to Sri mahavishnu.we all know abt the medicinal effect of thulasi plant.Babies will be given thulasi,karpooravalli and ohma valli leaves ' water on alternate days to take care of their childhood fever,phlegm and anyother problems. Thulasi leaves are still taken with water to cure dry cough.But very recently I found one more effect this latest THULASI DHALAM has on budding babies of blog(tamil)world. This Thulasi(mrs.Gopal) is a favourite person of (great strength and compassion)Thamizh Manam. If you want to be known and noticed by other bloggers just drop a note to her website www.thulasidhalam.blogspot.comand you are The instant success.

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amma it is a year already. may 20th 2006 has come. did I do anything at all for you amma.?I have to remember all your words, all your kind words. kind affectionate forgiving nature.
patience you practised towards me. your prayers.your trust and confidence in appa. both of you led a wonderful life filled with love ,loyalty towards each other. we shd not forget you. affectionately, your children.