வியாழன், ஜூலை 13, 2006


Thiruchi Uchi Pillayaar kovil Malaikottai Pillayaar has been with us right from very young age. our holiday train took us through Trichy and Srirangam.
Paatti used to point out the lights of uchi pillayaar and srirangam temples.We will get up and sit and watch the lights go by.

I would watch out for one little street light giving a dull glow to the lone path leading to somevillage.

Later when my own family formed and shifted to Trichy for 4 years,we found a house with a terrace. and was thrilled to see the familiar malaikottai lights glowing.

On that day onwards Pillayaar become my morning and night time guarding and guiding light.
Nobody can deny THAT light source is THE inspiration and stregth in our lifes.
When I go through some problem or other, I will just come out and look at Him.
again before going to bed I will stand there and pray and thank for goodday.He is there always for us. and

surprise of surprise. He went ahead of me to USA, to be of assistance to us. during our grandson;s birth. Like sri Thayumanaswami
.when I entered my daughter's house I saw the Malaikkottai Pillayaar sitting on the wall as a mural painting with malaikottai as background., as big as you can imagine.

thats what I call brotherly affection!!! Enga Annaa
I would like to mention here that my boys refer me as one more
Pillayaar in the family.
Thats why this brother reference.

ThuLasi,Kavitha kalaiththal vaaram pillaayaarukku
kozhukkattai. prasaadham