ஞாயிறு, நவம்பர் 12, 2006

Are you sure?

We are sure about so many things in life.
We do as our mind leads us and
decides for us.

Then comes the doubts.
Is this right. Maybe we could have done the same thing
in someother amicable easy way.

Take this trip we are taking.
It is going to be sometime
before we return.
Till the last minute the confusion lasted.
so many arrangements to safeguard the
house against ,
natural hazards,
manual hazards
curiosity hazards......
it goes on.
Trust me, it is noo easy job to lock a living house and say byebye,
take care of yourselves
until we return.
Do I sound sentimental? Yes I am.
As you grow older your priorities change. your wandering lust (!)
is not what it was.
You are attached to your morning walks.
you are attached to the to temples.
continuous calls from your friends,relatives.
you are going to miss your Thamizh papers and magazines.

Ofcourse everything is available abroad... for a higher price.
well that is Life.

will keep in touch.
bye for now, my dear blog friends.
Happy Blogging.